First Earrings ~ Encinitas Family Photographer

We waited until she was three years and a few months old to get her first pair of earrings. It’s something she really wanted (that and a VW with Barbies). The girls at Icing in Carlsbad were wonderful and calming. What our little girl didn’t know was the “Pinch and Awe” that would happen in order to put the earrings in her ear lobes. She handled it like a trooper, though. Now it’s Daddy’s chore to clean her ears three times a day. No worries!

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A Few Moments in the City…

New York, New York via Legoland in Carlsbad CA. Legoland





The family spent the day at Legoland on Sunday. This was the first time we had visited this amusement park. I had never wanted to go because, for one, I didn’t have kids but even as my little girl got older I still wasn’t thrilled to visit. Well, that has all changed since going with friends and now I can’t wait to return. The lines for the rides were usually short and maybe 15 minutes at the max. If you have a toddler you know how long even five minutes in line can be. The rides were fun and perfect for the kids. We laughed and were in awe of the Lego built animals and fairy tale characters. AMAZING! So here are a few photos of New York City. I’ll be sure to post some Vegas photos later but for now, enjoy!

Big Bear Lake, January 2011

We recently spent the weekend at Big Bear Lake in a nice cabin on the lake. At the coldest it was 19 degrees and at its warmest 54 degrees. It was beautiful to see the lake frozen over along the shoreline every morning and in some cases lots of snow was still sitting on the ground. Big Bear Lake is amazing during the winter months. Looking forward to staying here again in the summer.