So it rained last night…quarter of an inch…

Didn't see this coming last night...

Not sure if I like the b/w or color better...or neither?

Weather in San Diego County can sneek up on us at times. Guess it wasn’t supposed to rain as much as it did over night. Not that 1/4 inch of rain is a lot but it’s not the norm. The “FLOODED” signs were up on certain streets.

Shooting Info: f4.5, 1/1000, ISO 200, white balance “cloudy”, RAW


My First Group Photoshoot

We’re shooting with models? I thought it was just Lear Jets and a 1957 Porsche…This was going to be very cool for me. I also didn’t realize there would be approximately 10 photographers taking photos too. The Strobist Group of San Diego took advantage of shooting at Palomar Airport on Wednesday, September 22. I don’t belong to the group but my Dad owns the Porsche so I was invited to tag along. After I found out what group it was I was nervous because A: I don’t own a strobe and B: I was a newbie. What was in store for me? Everyone made me feel comfortable so I just clicked away. I found out it was tough to shoot with so many photographers, everyone positioning for the right light and right angle. Overall, a great experience and I would recommend any photographer to join a group. I hope you enjoy the few pictures here:

1957 Porsche and Lear Jet

1957 Porsche

My first photo of models

Okay, so there were a lot of legs to photograph

Sunset Reflection on a Hanger

Tail End of the Sunset

Maybe next time I’ll have lights so I can stay longer… Thanks Bob for the oppotunity to shoot with the group!

Wavecrest Woodie Meet 2010

Wavecrest Woodie Meet is the largest of its kind in the country. Held each September at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, CA. It draws up to 300 wooden-bodied cars for a weekend of car and surf-related activities. This year marks the 31st anniversary of Wavecrest!

I didn’t want to just take photos of cars so I went for creativity. I hope you enjoyed my trip to the Woodie show. These are beautiful cars to photograph with a lot of history to tell.

Dandelions and little girls

What is it about dandelions that are so intriguing to the little ones? Every weed we pass on our walk she finds beauty and must tear then hold and then watch as the tiny seeds are whisked away effortlessly by the breeze. The concentration in her eyes is precious. The fact she finds beauty in weeds is fascinating.

A walk on Neptune (Ave)

I walk almost daily along Neptune Ave. in Encinitas CA. The more I walk the more I am aware of the different signs and views. I notice the subtle changes in seasons. I know what the neighbors gardens look like in winter, spring, summer and fall. I am not sharing garden photos here, only a few ‘signs’ of life on Neptune:

I love you, Daddy.

Hello Alexis,

When Mommy told me we are pregnant it took a few days for me to fully absorb the news. I realized that you were a blessing. Once I saw your heart beat at seven weeks old, my whole demeanor changed and I knew you were meant to be. I never realized  life started so soon. It was my “Ah Hah!” moment. When I saw my babys little heart beat I got emotional. The following week I held my breath when the doctor couldn’t find your heart beat…then…there you were…I got emotional again. I was so happy. Everytime I would see you in an ultra sound, I just became the happiest man alive.

Yesterday, Daddy heard your heart beat for the first time. Though I’ve been able to feel you move for the past few months, I was a bit emotional (yes, again). Everyday and every time I feel your presence, it becomes more of a reality and just what a miracle you actually are. I hope I will be able to show you how in love I am with you and I hope I make you proud. In watching your development you have already made me proud. Early this morning, while Mommy was sleeping, I wrapped my arm around her belly and at first you were quiet but then you began to wake and started moving and kicking. It was as if you knew I was here and you wanted to play.

I want you to know something about your Mother. She is the finest woman you will ever meet. You will want to listen to her because she is very wise. I also want you to know that I love your Mom very much and I will do anything for her because she deserves it. Your Mom adds so much to my world and I am very grateful.

Good night for now, my Angel. I love you, Daddy.