I love you, Daddy.

Hello Alexis,

When Mommy told me we are pregnant it took a few days for me to fully absorb the news. I realized that you were a blessing. Once I saw your heart beat at seven weeks old, my whole demeanor changed and I knew you were meant to be. I never realizedĀ  life started so soon. It was my “Ah Hah!” moment. When I saw my babys little heart beat I got emotional. The following week I held my breath when the doctor couldn’t find your heart beat…then…there you were…I got emotional again. I was so happy. Everytime I would see you in an ultra sound, I just became the happiest man alive.

Yesterday, Daddy heard your heart beat for the first time. Though I’ve been able to feel you move for the past few months, I was a bit emotional (yes, again). Everyday and every time I feel your presence, it becomes more of a reality and just what a miracle you actually are. I hope I will be able to show you how in love I am with you and I hope I make you proud. In watching your development you have already made me proud. Early this morning, while Mommy was sleeping, I wrapped my arm aroundĀ her belly and at first you were quiet but then you began to wake and started moving and kicking. It was as if you knew I was here and you wanted to play.

I want you to know something about your Mother. She is the finest woman you will ever meet. You will want to listen to her because she is very wise. I also want you to know that I love your Mom very much and I will do anything for her because she deserves it. Your Mom adds so much to my world and I am very grateful.

Good night for now, my Angel. I love you, Daddy.