Another Beautiful Encinitas Sunset | Encinitas Photographer

To think I almost missed this sunset because I wanted to go home immediately after my photo shoot.

Encinitas Photographer

Another day in paradise

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Encinitas Children Photographer | Something to be thankful for…

Encinitas Children Photographer

Encinitas Children Photographer

I am lucky enough to photograph this little one everyday. She brings me joy beyond comparison and for that I am very thankful.


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New Website for

Hi Everyone!

I am excited to let you know I have a new website!!! How cool is that?? Check it out. I will be adding a blog post soon but HAD to get this up and running.  Wordpress has served its time with me and I am totally appreciative of everything! Thank you!! I may still log on here and post a few things until I have my other website loaded. But for now head on over to and take a look and leave a comment.


Mike Moore

American Flag on Neptune…(ave.)

A little late for Memorial Day so let’s say it’s a pre-Fourth of July post…

I should know to always have my camera with me when taking a walk but sometimes the timing is wrong. High noon light is harsh but I guess I can still shoot in the shadows?? Yes…

Anyway, enjoy this door and our American Flag. Happy Fourth of July…early!

Encinitas Photographer

Sunsets and Saturation


I decided to play around with saturation and RGB curves tonight. I wanted to put a post up before I left town for the week so I threw this together from tonights sunset after the storm. I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving.