I like the smell of sage at sunrise


Oh how I love the San Diego Zoo…

A Few Moments at the Beach

It’s the day after. Five days of rain, hail, wind, tornado warnings and flooding. It’s a beautiful day today. Skies are blue with white cotton clouds. The air is crisp and the ocean is beautiful. I could spend all day watching the big surf, smelling the salt air.

Morning Surf before another storm

The ocean is more calm in these photos than it will be in about two hours when San Diego will get bashed by another storm. Clouds are coming in now and the wind is calm, for the moment. The surf in these photos is between 8-10ft and tomorrow “they” say it will get to over 20feet. I love watching the brown pelicans glide along the face of the waves. They look like they are having so much fun just being pelicans.